Buy Amazon Gift Cards with BitCoin

Buy Amazon Gift Cards with Bitcoin
During 2014, many large web merchants have begun accepting bitcoin, including NewEgg, 1-800flowers, TigerDirect, Expedia, Overstock, fiverr & dish.
One noteable merchant who has not yet come to the bitcoin table is Amazon. Which is kind of odd, since they have been one of the most sought after sites to spend bitcoin on since bitcoin began.
In fact, SpendBitcoins began as a way to buy Amazon gift cards with bitcoin, as a sort of workaround. While we no longer offer this service directly (as we now focus our efforts on promoting the over 100,000 merchants that now accept bitcoin), we do promote a company called that sells Amazon gift codes for bitcoin.
Buying an Amazon gift code through gyft is a very simple process. In fact, spending bitcoin on Amazon takes almost no extra time when using gyft as a go-between.
Here are the three easy steps:
1. Fill your Amazon shopping cart with everything you would like to purchase to get your order total.
2. Purchase an Amazon gift code from (round up to account for tax and shipping).
3. Back at Amazon, checkout and enter your gift code as your payment method.
Easy! You’ve spent bitcoin on Amazon!
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