Cambridge Bitcoin Meeting

Cambridge Bitcoin MeetupThe Cambridge Bitcoin Meetup group is hosting four Bitcoin education events in November. The events will feature presentations from prominent Bitcoin personalities such as Nic Cary, Jon Lee, and Vlad Zamfir and are designed to give students a crash course in cryptocurrency and entrepreneurship opportunities for Bitcoin enthusiasts.

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Upcoming Cambridge Bitcoin Events

On November 11, Blockchain CEO Nic Cary will speak at the Cambridge Centre for Mathematical Sciences. His presentation, titled “The Bitcoin Revolution – Wallets and Opportunities at the Dawn of a New Industry,” will give a broad overview of the bitcoin industry and advise budding entrepreneurs about developing opportunities in the Bitcoin space.

Following Cary’s talk, Ethereum coder Vlad Zamfir will give the month’s most technical cryptocurrency discussion on November 13. His talk, which will also be hosted at the Centre for Mathematical Sciences, will emphasize mathematics, proof of stake, and crypto-economics.

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Less than one week later, on November 18, CEO Jon Lee will discuss bitcoin trading and entrepreneurship at the Cambridge University Engineering Department. His discussion will focus on Wall Street’s foray into bitcoin trading and what affects the bitcoin price.

Finally, the student-run Oxford Blocktech Network (OBN) will host a networking event at the Cambridge City Hotel on November 24. In addition to socializing with fellow bitcoiners and listening to presentations from sponsors such as Ethereum and CoinScrum, student attendees will receive £10 in bitcoin for free.

Note: Some of these events require pre-registration, so attendees should make sure to sign up on the Cambridge Bitcoin Meetup group page.

What do you think? Do you plan to attend one of these Cambridge events? Comment below!


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