Texas Congressman Steve Stockman

congressman steve stockmanYesterday, Texas Congressman Steve Stockman introduced a new House Resolution (HR 5777) entitled: “To protect cryptocurrencies.” Congressman Steve Stockman is a Republican, from Texas’s 36th Congressional district, who has become one of cryptocurrency’s most ardent supporters in politics. Back in May, Stockman introduced HR 4602: Virtual Currency Tax Reform Act after the IRS revealed its virtual currency guidance for taxation. Texas has established itself as one of the most friendly states towards Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.


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  1. David Stockman makes a lot of sense .today .he obviouly has a very short term mromey. Wan’t he the mastermind behind the trickle down, supply side economics know as Reaganomics. Ronnie Reagan was a puppet just like the rest .it was easy for him under the direction of Stockman and Greenspan .get rid of Volker who did his job .killed inflation by raising interest rates to ridiculous levels causing stagflation for years while commodities soared. In comes Ronnie guns a blazing .drop taxes .drop interest rates .drop govt. regulations .the markets rocketed. duh!! He also became the first of the bailout crowd .billions made by insiders in the Saving and Loans scam ..sound familiar.So now he gets religion ..when the poor and middle class are flat on their backs tax the living crap out of them and take way their govt. entitlements while corporate America pays little or NO taxes at all ..that should really fix things. The Millenials may not be so passive as the Boomers who have lived off the fat of the boom that he in part was responsible for.

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